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Our attorneys are experienced in defending insured drivers and owners of personal and commercial vehicles in accidents involving multiple defendants with primary and excess policies. Our firm has represented the New York City Transit Authority and MTA Bus Company in cases involving bus and subway accidents. We are thoroughly familiar with all issues concerning motor vehicle actions, including the state No-Fault and applicable insurance statutes, the General Municipal Law and the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Our representation of MTA Bus Company, a public authority, in New York City covers a wide variety of matters including motor vehicle accidents with significant client exposure, “sudden stop” claims, embarking and disembarking cases, trip and fall claims involving MTA Bus-owned premises, and various other interesting and unique matters. MLT handles litigation for MTA Bus Company from the pre-litigation phase through trial and appeal. Pre-litigation work includes assessment of liability, conducting statutory hearings and pre-litigation motion practice.  Once matters have commenced, we respond to pleadings, assess liability and damages, participate in the discovery phase of litigation, hold depositions, produce documents, draft motions as to all manner of discovery issues, and summary judgment motions as to lack of liability or plaintiff’s failure to satisfy the serious injury threshold pursuant to Insurance Law §5102. We also participate in mediation when appropriate, negotiate settlements and conduct trials. We work hard to promote mutual trust and respect between our attorneys and clients. Using a combination of skill, knowledge and strategic litigation planning enables us to provide our clients with a superior, cost efficient defense and the best possible outcomes.

We are also trial counsel for the New York City Transit Authority in actions involving subway accidents, bus accidents and incidents occurring on transit authority premises. Our attorneys have obtained numerous favorable verdicts on behalf of the NYCTA, using well-honed skills, extensive trial experience and calculated trial planning. Our extensive trial preparation includes meeting extensively with expert witnesses and transit employees, conducting legal research for motions in limine, and crafting defenses based upon the specific facts of each matter.

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