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Queens County

  • Defense verdict.  Case of alleged negligently performed hysterectomy by gynecologist causing injury to the bladder with formation of a vesico-vaginal fistula requiring multiple subsequent surgeries and permanent injury.
  • Defense verdict as to MLT client gynecologist.  Allegations against our client included improperly performing exploratory laparotomy and hysterectomy, and in failing to perform surgical staging of plaintiff’s clear cell carcinoma, requiring the need for a subsequent cancer staging procedure in which plaintiff’s bowel was perforated, causing extensive and permanent physical and emotional injuries.  The jury found against the co-defendant oncological gynecologic surgeon and hospital in the amount of $3.2 million dollars.
  • Defense verdict.  Action brought against an obstetrician involving a claim of delayed performance of a caesarian section, resulting in fetal hypoxia.  Alleged injuries to the infant included mental deficits, delayed fine and gross motor skills and spasticity.  Defense introduced evidence to establish that the infant’s injuries were caused by a congenital neurodevelopmental disorder, Williams Syndrome, as opposed to inadequate oxygenation during labor and delivery.
  • Defense verdict.  Action involved an alleged failure by a pediatric ophthalmologist to diagnose a plexiform neurofibroma behind the eye in an infant, causing compression of optic nerve and blindness, and the need for extensive debulking surgery.  Plaintiff’s demand was $2 million.
  • Defense verdict on behalf of New York City Transit Authority.  Action involved a claim of failure to keep subway steps free of debris, causing plaintiff to slip and fall, sustaining tri-malleolar fracture and need for multiple surgeries.
  • Defense verdict on behalf of New York City Transit Authority. Action involved a claim of allowing defective condition to exist for prolonged period with accumulation of water on subway platform, causing plaintiff to fall, sustaining neck and back injuries and fractured wrist.
  • Defense verdict on behalf of New York City Transit Authority.  Action involved a claim that the NYCTA bus ran a red light during a blizzard, causing the accident, which resulted in plaintiff undergoing extensive treatment for injuries including arthroscopic knee surgery and shoulder injections.
  • Defense verdict on behalf of New York City Transit Authority.  The co-defendant vehicle slipped on a substance on the road striking a NYCTA bus.  The plaintiff was a bus passenger.  The jurors found the testimony of the bus operator and supervisor credible and the cross examination of other witnesses to be pivotal in their jury deliberation.
  • Defense verdict.  The claim in this matter involved a “question of lights” resulting in plaintiff sustaining serious injuries.  The issue before the jury was whether plaintiff or defendant NYCTA had a green light to proceed through the intersection.  Jurors advised that the investigation and documentation demonstrated that plaintiff’s assertions were false as there were 38′ skid marks behind his vehicle at the crash scene.
  • Case dismissed on Summary Judgment pursuant to Insurance Law § 5102.  Plaintiff alleged that she sustained a serious injury following a motor vehicle accident between a truck and MTA Bus Company bus.  However, the Court held that plaintiff’s injuries and treatment did not satisfy the serious injury threshold.
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