New York County

Litigation Results


New York County

  • Defense verdict.  Action involved allegation of failure to properly perform a mitral valve replacement and MAZE procedure for atrial fibrillation in addition to a claim of improper post-operative anti-coagulation. Plaintiff sustained an embolic stroke following surgery, causing hemiparesis and loss of speech.  Demand of $1.75 million.
  • Defense verdict.  Alleged negligent delay in treatment of anaphylactic reaction to prophylactic antibiotics, and resultant massive stroke.
  • Defense verdict.  Alleged negligent prescribing and monitoring of psychiatric medication resulting in brain damage to a 28-year old female manic depressive. $3 million demand.
  • Defense verdict.  Alleged failure to perform a fusion during two decompressive laminectomies, resulting in separate, recurrent disc herniations and increase in pre-existing spondylolisthesis. Demand was $300,000.
  • Defense verdict.  Defense of plastic surgeon against allegation of improper harvest of cartilage in the process of a tertiary rhinoplasty, resulting in nasal collapse, and requiring subsequent procedure. Demand was $500,000.
  • Defense verdict.  Alleged negligence in preparation for arthroscopic surgery and equipment used, causing plaintiff to sustain infection from the procedure, and failure to timely diagnose and treat post-operative infection, resulting in septic arthritis and osteomyelitis. Demand of $750,000.
  • Defense verdict.  Allegations that improper administration of chelation therapy exacerbated plaintiff’s emphysema and caused atrial fibrillation. Demand of $390,000.
  • Defense verdict.  Alleged failure to appropriately provide psychiatric treatment and monitoring of lithium and other psychotropic drugs resulting in severe cerebral atrophy. $3.7 million demand.
  • Defense verdict.  Perforated uterus and perforated bowel during abortion procedure.
  • Defense verdict.  Represented obstetrician in case involving a failure to properly perform tubal ligation.
  • Defense verdict.  Allegation of improper care at nursing home resulting in multiple falls with fractures and decubitus ulcer formation.
  • Defense verdict.  Wrongful death claim against radiologists alleging failure to diagnose ovarian cancer; discontinued against our clients during trial.
  • Defense verdict.  Alleged failure to appropriately monitor 29 year-old plaintiff after the delivery of her infant, which caused delay in diagnosing uterine atony and post-partum hemorrhage, resulting in hysterectomy. Demand of $750,000.
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